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Fast track the learning curve to making your own stop motion movies with the Stop Motion Handbook - the essential guide for learning how to make stop motion movies from start to finish!

The Stop Motion Handbook leads you through simple and robust processes helping both beginner and amateur animators make good decisions when creating stop motion movies. As you learn how to avoid the many common mistakes of beginners, your first movies will have the quality of a seasoned professional! It's a great guide for teachers, parents or children who want to produce their own stop motion movies from scratch. Click here to see sample pages (from the colour version).

If you've got a Mac computer, you've almost got everything you'll need to get the most out of the Stop Motion Handbook. Click here for hardware and software requirements.

The Stop Motion Handbook is designed to be a one-stop teaching resource; read it cover to cover, or dive in to a specific topic and work through the step by step guidelines.

The book was originally used as the reference guide for the Newtown Movie School to provide fully interactive stop motion movie making workshops for children. This book has now been published to assist teachers, parents and animators worldwide.

Stop Motion and the Curriculum

Stop motion animation is ideal for digital learning in the curriculum for English, The Arts, Technology and more:

Click here to see references to the curriculum.

Version 3.1 is a substantial update released November 2015.


Animation on the iPad

iPad Animation

The comprehensive guide to making stop motion movies 100% on the iPad.

Print and fully interactive ebook: Learn how to take control of GarageBand and record a soundtrack, record the pictures in iStopMotion and edit them together in iMovie - all on the iPad.

275 pages, 4 apps, 15 accessories, 9 case study projects.

Creating a Stop Motion Story - Unlock your Imagination

A straight forward 52 page step-by-step guide to creating a story-driven stop motion movie.
Ideal for the classroom and hobby. An excellent digital media resource for students.
Create a complete movie of an original story in a few hours.
Full colour, 3 apps, one iPad, 100% creativity.


Buy iPad Animation or go to the store for print versions.

Book has 25 movies and 23 sound files, including the popular Water Cycle project.
Download all the soundtracks as MP3 and fully editable GarageBand format.




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