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ISBN 978-0-473-33887-9


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The Stop Motion Handbook is the best resource for learning how to make stop motion movies. It is endorsed by Boinx Software as the official resource for their iStopMotion sotware.

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Section icons

Each page (in print version) displays the topic icon for the section (story, audio, props and setup, stop motion pictures, edit and publish) allowing for easy navigation between sections.


Quick Start chapter

If you're busy or want a refresher, the Quick Start chapter is a useful summary packed with the best power tips from the book.


How to steps

Step by step guidelines lead you through tasks and computer processes.


Budget savers

Movie making uses a lot of equipment – but you needn't spend a lot of money buying expensive gear. The handbook shows you how make resources on a low budget which do the job perfectly.


Document links

Navigate interactively throughout the book with hundreds of page references to related topics.


Pictures and screen captures

More than 450 photos, illustrations and screen captures show you at a glance what you need to do.


Tips to avoid mistakes


One of the goals of this book is to help new animators produce quality stop motion movies in the shortest amount of time. We've seen thousands of stop motion movies and helped many people to make their own. We've noted the common mistakes and traps. Follow the guidelines and heed the cautions so your first movies will take on a professional look.




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